Data Entry and Document Indexing

Data Entry

American Micro provides high quality, cost-effective data entry services ideally suited to high volume data applications such as: database and mailing list compilation, data extraction from the web, electronic publication, file conversion and many others.  

Sources include:
Dictionaries, Manuals, Encyclopedia etc.
Airway Bills
Index cards
Market Research Tabulations
Guest/Customer comment cards
Polling information
Property tax records

<strong>Document Indexing</strong>

Document indexing is critical to the success of a document imaging/retrieval system. An efficient document indexing system allows users easy access to scanned documents at their desktop. American Micro employs a team of data entry specialists dedicated to the accuracy and integrity of indexing scanned documents. American Micro also utilizes a powerful match & merge process that allows us to reuse a clients existing database to electronically populate indexing fields. Whether you require hand-key verification, barcode reading, zone-ocr or an electronic transfer of data, American Micro provides the expertise to ensure documents are indexed accurately for easy retrieval.

Data Entry in Accounts Payable & Post Office Pick-Up Services.