The Construction Industry produces voluminous amounts of paper from all areas of the company.  Keeping the right  pieces available on-demand is one of the greatest challenges for today’s companies. With an average handle-time of 11 minutes per document from creation to archiving, it’s no wonder that while demands increase productivity drops.

The greatest asset has been the ability to put even the most complex drawings and documents in the hands of many individuals at one time. In construction, time and materials drives bottom-line cost. Document imaging solutions can provide immediate return on your investment.

There are many different imaging applications within the construction industry.  Some which are:

  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Archiving and routing of job documents
  • Archiving of personnel and payroll files, time sheets
  • Interface with project management software
  • Contracts and engineering drawings/plans

Document imaging solutions can help various departments of your business.  It can save time for the accounting and the human resource department along with other departments within the business.  Saving time by converting to document imaging solutions will create more availability for your employees to complete other tasks more quickly and efficiently.  You can save money as well by decreasing the number of staff needed in each department.

Some of the challenges within the construction industry today is keeping up with changes.  Unlike other industries, construction business is highly affected by economic and technological changes. People in construction businesses have to embrace technology to stay abreast of competitors and changes. Another challenge is that construction firms have too much going on.

Typically, construction businesses have to manage workforce, obtain strategic sites, design profitable projects and execute them expertly keeping competition in mind. To achieve all this, construction businesses need an able manager and strong technological support. Lastly, is managing expenses.  Just as in every other industry, it very important for construction business to offer value for money as well as stick to the allocated budget despite escalating prices.  American Micro’s document management system can solve all these tough challenges that the construction industry is facing today.

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