Contract Management Automation


Contract Management

Contracts are the life blood of any business relationship. From when the customer wishes to purchase through the negotiation to renewal, a contract goes through many phases. Multiple internal parties, such as finance, sales and operations, may need to approve a final document. In addition to creating the actual contract, additional documents, such as emails, invoices and shipping notifications may need to be associated with a executed agreement. Finally, many companies manage renewals by spreadsheets, missing opportunities to potentially take advantage of favorable market conditions to renegotiate terms. Managing this entire process requires connecting emails, faxes, document scans and internal notes, as well as potentially creating automatic notifications.Let American Micro implement a system to manage your contracting process. For your existing file drawers, we can convert the paper documents into electronic images. This not only gives you back office space, but provides protection against natural and un-natural disasters. Once electronic, the contract can be electronically “attached” to ongoing fulfillment documents, such as orders, invoices and shipping notifications. Based on the contract renewal date, automatic emails can be sent providing you with an appropriate amount of time to renegotiate, if necessary. You can have a single location to view all activity related to contract fulfillment, improving customer service.