Solutions for Education

The education industry is a paper intensive environment. From applications, admissions, financial aid, registration and athletic departments paper documents can easily get lost or ruined throughout the chaos that is involved in the education environment. Higher education systems as public, or private universities and community colleges can benefit from document management as well. It will improve student service, reduce cost and ensure compliance. By combining all of these documents into a document management system you will be sure to find the document that you need in a quick and easy manner.

The education industry pertains to: Daycare and Pre-K, Elementary schools, junior high and high schools, Colleges and any other educational institution

Document management for the education industry can improve customer service throughout all departments including:

  • Enrollment services, improve student quality for a faster and more accurate application response and approval.
  • Access and manage student documentation from anywhere and at any time, automate and track grant writing processes, improving your ability to meet deadlines and secure funding.
  • Reduce paper, paper storage, photocopying and faxing cost and recruit and retain high quality employees by streamlining human resource processes.

Many different departments in the education system can benefit greatly from document management. Such as:

Financial aid

With document management you can award financial aid in a shorter amount of time. With more applicants and less budget, your financial aid team needs a fast, efficient way to cut the time and cost it takes to evaluate applications and get Financial Aid packages out sooner.


From managing class schedules and lists, to registration requests and transcript auditing, to record retrieval and verification, every Registrar’s Office struggles to keep up. With document management the Registrar’s Office can now achieve tasks that they were not able to complete before the document management solution.

Athletic departments

Athletic departments can easily keep track of student’s physical forms and any concerns or illnesses that the student may have.


Teachers will be able to keep grades more secure and will easily be able to look at any test/homework/quiz that they need quickly without having to shuffle through all the papers.

The education system would benefit greatly from the document management system since they are always trying to keep students up to date with the new technology. With the document management system you can be assured that students will be prepared for the workforce and the technological advances for the future.