Document Management for Engineering Firms

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.22.51 PMEngineering companies are constantly looking for a way to be more efficient. To meet regulatory standards and client needs, these companies are turning to document management to help improve business processes while saving time, space and money.

It can cost thousands of dollars to fix a mistake that was made because of disorganization. We see it all too often here at American Micro, the wrong auto-cad drawing and specifications used on the manufacturing floor, resulting in errors, confusions and even stopped production.

The implemented of a document management system can help coordinate projects, giving employees access to the most updated, accurate information. For example, architects, engineers and clients, which use blueprints and CAD drawings often review the prints multiple times and revise them. A document management system will track the changes and ensure that when the plan goes into production, employees print and utilize the correct document.

In fact, a document management system gets rid of the printing and mailing expenses that come along with printing and sending blue prints back and forth between departments or clients. Days that used to be spent waiting for documents, can now be spent improving them. Today’s technology brings imaging hardware and software that can easily capture and represent the uniqueness of the documents used each day in the engineering industry. The size and detail can be scanned into the system for sharing, changing, printing, reading and secure storage.