Financial Services Document Scanning & Document Management Solutions

Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an Office

Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an Office

With increased competition, increased regulatory compliance demands, and the need for the highest level of customer satisfaction and security, financial services organizations must become even more efficient and effective in daily operations.

That’s why it makes sense for financial services companies to use document imaging solutions. Any document, report, or statement used by banks or other financial institutions can be scanned and retrieved upon demand from any PC or workstation with access to the database. Most importantly, document imaging provides safety and security for highly confidential documents.

Throughout financial industries, document imaging solutions are used to minimize paper, improve customer service and provide safe, secure document management.

  • Loan Applications
  • DDA Reports
  • Customer Information
  • Signature Records
  • Cancelled Checks
  • Customer Statements
  • Authorization to Obtain Credit
  • Mortgage Information

Secure Document Management Systems can deliver:

  • Improved customer service
  • Improved disaster recovery time
  • Reduced cycle-times associated with customer related issues
  • Electronically controlled and audited steps in business processes
  • Improved worker productivity
  • Preservation of vital records
  • Compliance with corporate and regulatory agency record retention and auditing requirements
  • Decreased on-site storage costs
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Increased Security for critical documentation