Microfilm Conversion

Converting Paper Records to Microfilm

American Micro converts all types of business records, engineering drawings, newspapers, medical records, research notebooks, computer reports and other various documents to standard microfilm formats. We have the ability to scan to other formats including microfiche and aperture cards.

Our Document filming services include:
Document preparation
Document filming
Standard microfilm formats include:
16mm & 35mm microfilm
Aperture cards
American Micro has the ability to handle every size job from the one page to millions. Our facilities are specially designed for document preparation, filming and processing. Our professional in-house lab, with specialized lab technicians is Kodak-certified and meet all ANSI and AIIM industry standards.

Microfilm Scanning
microfilmAmerican Micro will manage collecting all of your microfilm rolls regardless of the location.Using our equipment and experienced personnel, we will then scan, OCR, and index them at our secure facility. We assure the highest quality with our QC processes, making sure that all of the images were converted from the film rolls. We will then convert your document images to PDF, TIFF or any other industry standard file format you wish (even some not-so-standard formats).

After converting them, we can then upload these to your digital storage solution. Alternatively, we can provide image storage through one of our cloud based systems, including FileBound or ImageSilo. These applications provide web based access to the documents without any IT infrastructure investment. These systems can also provide advanced document retention capabilities, which are perfect for legacy files, such as personnel records, payroll, tax records or old drawings. The documents become instantly available to appropriate staff at a very competitive price.

Microfiche Scanning
microLegacy images stored on microfiche can be very risky, since this media is subject to degradation from environmental factors and age. Microfiche scanning represents some of the most challenging legacy image conversion projects. Converting the images on this media these cards requires specialized equipment, experienced personnel and detailed quality control processes. Every card has a different image count, requiring that you double and triple check to be sure that every image from every card is captured.

Our equipment works with all microfiche formats. These formats include step and repeat microfiche, ultrafiche (oversized). jacketed fiche, computer output microfiche (COM fiche) and 105mm fiche.

Once scanned and indexed, we convert the images into a number of popular image formats, including TIFF or PDF. Just like microfilm, converting these images into current formats make them instantly available, either from your document management system, or one of our cloud based offerings from FileBound or ImageSilo. Our conversion services take risk out of your storing these documents in their current format, without any infrastructure investment in a quick and cost effective manner.

Microfilm Processing, Microfilm Duplication
& Disaster Recovery
Microfilm Processing & Disaster RecoveryAmerican Micro offers a complete microfilm processing and duplication program, monitored by Eastman Kodak for quality. We process 16mm and 35mm microfilm and create diazo and silver
duplicates for backup.

By using Kodak microfilm and American Micro’s Image Guard Lab you are automatically covered by the Kodak Disaster Recovery Program. This includes film restoration, paper reproduction and recovery consultation. And best off all, there is no charge for this additional service. If disaster strikes place a call to 1-800-EKC TEST to receive an immediate response to your disaster needs.

American Micro is a Certified Kodak Image Guard Lab since 1984.