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Shipping & Receivingshippingreceiving

Your dock both receives and produces a variety of paperwork relevant to many different parties. When items are shipped, the documentation can be complex. There are packing slips, MSDS sheets, logistics information and customs documents that may need to be included with every shipment. When a shipment arrives, managing the receiver and other inbound documents can be critical, especially in regulated industries such as food production and pharmaceutical companies. Having a single location for these documents improves customer service, simplifies ongoing regulatory compliance, and makes it easy to identify and resolve any shipment issues.

American Micro can implement a document management solution to improve visibility into the dock’s activity. For paper documents, we can provide you with scanners and software so that your team can scan the shipping or receiving documents. Bar codes and optical character recognition software can be used to automatically classify a document, making it easier to organize the images. Automatic notifications can be established to let people know when either goods have arrived, or a shipment has left the dock. Finally, these documents can be electronically connected to other systems, enabling your organization to have a single view of all relevant transactional documentation.

Let us work with you to understand how to best manage the docs that run through your dock.